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The inaugural Orange County Cup opened with an exciting day of singles that brought new faces for Ben Johns and Lea Jansen.

Women’s Singles:

🥇Lea Jansen vs. Anna Leigh Waters (Sun. 6/26)
🥉Callie Smith

Men’s Singles:

🥇Ben Johns vs. Jay Devilliers (Sun. 6/26)
🥉Tyson McGuffin

Women’s Singles Pro

Thursday might be renamed Sonday as Sydney Sonday started the day off with a great upset over Irina Tereschenko 7-11, 12-10, 11-7. Irina Tereschenko was the top-seeded player in the women’s draw and fell in her first match. Sydney’s path didn’t get any easier as she met Lea Jansen who continued her momentum from Atlanta and beat Sydney 11-2, 11-6 punching her ticket to Sunday’s Gold Medal Match.

The bottom half of the bracket didn’t offer much respite Callie Smith’s bye yielded the feisty Anna Leigh Waters. Anna Leigh Waters beat Callie Smith 11-9, 11-4 while Catherine Parenteau had her hands full with Jackie Urbinati. Jackie never let Catherine rest, ultimately falling 14-12, 10-12, 8-11. Anna Leigh Waters then took out Catherine Parenteau11-5, 11-4 to join Lea Jansen in the battle for Sunday’s Singles Gold.

Catherine Parenteau and Callie Smith, women’s doubles partners, faced off in the bronze medal match as Callie beat Catherine in three games 7-11, 11-8, 11-9 to earn her bronze medal.

Championship Sunday Women’s Singles Gold: Lea Jansen vs. Anna Leigh Waters (8:30 am or 10 am PT). Lea fell just shy of gold in Atlanta and now faces a new opponent in Anna Leigh Waters as we will see a new champion in Women’s Singles.

Men’s Singles Pro 

The top half of the men’s draw brought little resistance as Ben Johns, a name you have probably heard, only gave up 23 points through his first 3 matches, as he coasted to the semis matchup against local Gabriel Joseph. Ben even added a golden pickle to his stellar play on the first day of the tournament.

Gabriel Joseph defeated red-hot Dekel Bar in the best match of the top half 3-11, 11-3, 11-7.  Gabriel Joseph vs. Ben Johns has become a familiar match with a familiar result as Ben won 12-10, 11-3 setting himself up for Sunday’s gold medal match.

The bottom half’s matches were highlighted by a Tyson McGuffin vs. Ryan Sherry match that saw Tyson victorious 8-11, 11-3, 11-5. Tyson’s tough match took a toll as he faced Jay Devilliers. Jay’s ascension continued as he only gave up 19 points through the semis (3 matches). Jay Devilliers vs. Tyson McGuffin’s semifinal saw a great game one and a runaway game two for Jay as he won 12-10, 11-3. 

Tyson McGuffin and Gabriel Joseph fought for the second pro medal of the day in a matchup of some of the most entertaining players in the game. Tyson made relatively quick work of Gabriel Joseph winning 11-3, 11-6 to take home his bronze medal.

Championship Sunday Men’s Singles Gold: Jay Devilliers vs. Ben Johns (8:30 am or 10 am PT). See if Jay continues to rise and unseat Ben and his streak of Men’s Singles Gold Medals.


Senior Pro Results

Women’s Senior Singles:

🥇Jen Lassandro
🥈Mary Beth Henthorne
🥉Erica Gonzalez

Men’s Senior Singles:

🥇Mattias Johansson vs. Paul Olin (Sun. 6/26)
🥉Jamil Atcha

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